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Mage fighting elimination arena where you customize by purchasing spells from the shop. Your mission is to outlast everyone else in a shrinking map with lava encroaching.  

Game idea comes from Warlock - a custom map from Warcraft 3.

It's 4 rounds of elimination with map shrinking every 30 seconds.

Before each round you build your Mage with spells that you buy from the Shop. Gold is earned each round with extra coming from high placement in the previous round as well as the number of kills you had.  

Each spell has upgrades and unique mechanics that you must exploit in order to outsmart your opponents and claim victory.

If I didn't prepare a build for your platform you can just open https://redka.games/mages and play in the browser.


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This is pretty fun

Wow that's so cool! Care to share more details about your development process? How big of a team do you have and how long did it take you to get this far?

The team is just me.

I'm working on it since about June last year - but the work back then wasn't about Mages specifically, it was more of a ground work for other title of similar nature. I started working on Mages in November last year but only recently added bots so that even though the player base is very small people have something do to in the game since it's strictly multiplayer. Fun fact - somehow 150 lines of "AI" code holds up pretty good against even me :D

I find useful art in many places over the internet and it's mostly all free so that was really helpful for bootstrapping this project.

The game is written completely using web technologies and so can be played standalone and in the browser.

Thanks for your interest! :)